Criminal Case Cheats and Hacks No Survey for 2017

Finding indices, solving puzzles, enlightening mysterious crimes, and arresting the right criminal at the end – the dream of a virtual police career is fulfilled with Criminal Case cheats.
As a corporal, they fight alongside Officer Jones and other allies for truth and justice

Your task now is to unravel the numerous unexplained murders – there are no other crimes in this city. Currently, there are 56 deaths in the facebook game waiting for the just punishment of their murderer. You will encounter some people on your investigation trip, and some stories are drawn up in several cases.

The everyday life of a app player

At the start of the game, you first land on the map, which provides an overview of all available cases. When you click on the current case you are currently working, the tablet will open, which will give you a clear overview of the names of the case, the victim, the weapon, the murderer, and a list of all upcoming tasks. These tasks include, for example, examining crime scenes, conducting witness talks, analyzing or restoring evidence or, finally, arresting the perpetrator. Such a great game by the team of Pretty Simple!

Boy looking at criminal case clues

Criminal Case Cheats for iPhone

Clicking on the Tators tab gives you an overview. There are nine scenarios for each case, three of which can be grouped into one place. According to the principle from large to small, one examines the whole environment to concentrate on a specific case. Investigating a crime scene costs energy – 20 points to be exact. At the beginning of the game, you have 110 energy points, which are charged every minute, and you can also get some free energy for criminal case through some features. If you click on a crime scene, you can first choose a partner with whom you want to investigate the scene. These partners are either their own (Facebook) friends or supporters. Each partner has 1-5 tip bonuses, which can help if you do not find an item during the investigation and otherwise bring 20,000 points per tip bonus that you have not used. Also, you can buy some tools for coins: an instant preview of the items you are looking for, a five-point tip bonus if the partner does not bring it, and an immediate start with a six-fold combo that gives more points.

After the choice of partner and aids as well as a fun drive in the police car, you finally reach the crime scene. There is speed and a good eye to be asked: in the shortest possible time and without the help of the partner you should find all required objects – the faster, the higher the point combo and the final points for it. In the end count combo, time and unused tips. In this way, one finds, among other things, important evidence – kills, blood-stained clothes, corpses, torn letters …

What’s needed to hack criminal case apk?

The points are important to collect stars – the stars are necessary to deal with the upcoming tasks. Thus, it costs e.g. A star to capture the murderer.
If the normal crime scenes are too boring, there is a change in the Bonustatorten. Each case is a “counter clock clock” scene where you have to find as many items as possible in a given time, a puzzle, and a difference

The forensic set
The forensic set contains all the evidence that has been investigated during the case or sent to the laboratory for analysis. If you have to carry out the analysis yourself, it is usually a matter of taking blood samples, finding fingerprints, or ripping apart broken or broken objects

Analysis too complicated? – Then off to the lab
If the analysis of the objects is more complex, you do not have to show your skills, but you can pass this on to the friendly colleagues Grace and Alex in the lab. These, however, need their time – which is too impatient to wait, does not come around for in-app purchases for an immediate analysis

They are arrested for murder
An overview of all suspicious persons is also available. To ensure that the right or the right one is arrested, all the features of the murderer are listed in the lower bar. When you click on a suspect, its profile opens with all known features. A matching of the searched and available personal characteristics allows the choleric police to be satisfied at the end of the case, to snatch the killer – case solved

Are Criminal Case Cheats for Android Free?

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Criminal Case Hack Overview

Who has not dreamed of being one day a great detective like Shemar Moore in Criminal Minds or the brilliant Mentalist or an agent of the Miami Experts and even more the mischievous Colombo? So for all those people who once wanted to solve crimes like a worthy police investigator, Criminal Case is the game for you.

This game has gained great popularity on Facebook. Being a game of search for objects and clues at crime scenes, it has conquered millions of players in recent years especially since it is available on Smartphones and digital tablets thanks to its versions iOS and Android

The Pretty Simple studios have ensured that the player is placed at the heart of a multi-faceted police investigation and various twists and turns. The player will be responsible for analyzing the clues and plunge into a well-developed scenario thanks to the found objects, the puzzles to settle to find and apprehend the real culprit.

As a cop of the Grimsborough Police, you will be responsible for finding all the hidden objects and dismantling the culprits in a total of more than 50 crimes.

Click the button to access our online resource! In the game, you must solve all crime scenes to evolve into new scenes of crime and to other levels.
At each beginning of the game, you are placed in front of a decor with a corpse and a multitude of specific objects that you must find. Because of this, you should avoid any action that could deceive you and minimize the wrong actions. Also, you must find hidden objects, because that’s the key to winning!

Good luck and have fun gamers.